Styling & Prop Making

The final touches and styling to give the interior that interesting, well rounded feel. These objects can make or break a scheme and really push it to the next level of design. 


Being able to make, source or renovate many things. Feather & Paint has the ability and resources to create a whole world of things from a Victorian style curiosity shelf, to cushions, soft furnishings and artwork. 

Victorian Curiosities
Victoriana Curiosities
Victoriana Curiosities
Victoriana Curiosities
Victoriana Curiosities
Retro 50's style
Bespoke artificial wreath
Prop Styling
Framed Victorian Bird Prints
Upholstery and repaint
Metal Distressed Tiles
Metal distressed tile detail
Ornate Corbals
Victoria Curiosities Collection
Soft furnishings
Fun animal heads for baby change
Framed Penguin book pages
Antique Collection styling


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Victoriana Curiosities

Floral Domes by The Rose Boutique